Why In-box Music
In-box Music is the  independent-only music store online, visited by Thousands every month. The only way to reach those listeners is to become a In-box Music member!

Get treated like royalty by the friendliest customer service team in the industry.

When you sell downloads

You’ll earn a higher percentage on your download sales revenue than through any other music retailer.

Get paid weekly

With other music distributors it can take months to get paid. In-box Music has paid artists every week. You set your desired “pay-point” once you’ve earned that much money, we’ll send it to you the following Monday via direct deposit.

Your fans will get downloads available as high-res MP3 320 files. If your fans want great sounding audio, tell them to buy your music at In-box Music Store.

Ensure your fans get the royal treatment

At In-box Music Store, every single one of your fans will be treated like Customer-of-the-Year. Unlike most music retailers, your fans can actually reach us by phone,email or whatsapp — any day of the week.

Upload for Free with In-box Music, you NEVER have to pay an annual fee to keep your music available online. 

Take your music to the next level

Real-time stats

Share your work 

Connect directly with fans

Instantly upload your songs and send your thoughts and feelings out to people all over the world in a simple way

Unlimited upload time for free

Advanced embed controls for free

Donation Button for free

Anyone can request for a donation Button

Set your  desired  price

It is also the most direct feedback you can get from viewers. If someone likes your stuff enough to support you financially, you are probably on the right track.

Your fans can support you so you  can make more awesome music

So you can buy yourself a desk and try to get a new studio. Oh and It would also be nice to pay my rent!

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