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If you think In-box is just another social site, you are in for a big surprise. What has been created is, put simply, a phenomenal tool for human communication, and much more. But it takes you to experience it, embrace it and ‘get it’ before this realisation really comes.

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Hi Independent artist, the dawn of independence is upon us and in-box music is at the for front of it all. Store your tracks and give them away for free download or simply sell your music. R10 is the the set price on each track and you as the artist receive R4 back. No mo middle man,manage all your music yourself and receive statements to correlate with your numbers.

Sell hello to out of the box solution to independence!

In-box music is here? Freedom is here? Independence is here?

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Founder-Sifiso Gonya

Inbox App: Installs fast – the app is smaller, so it's quick to download and uses less storage space. Uses less data - be more efficient with your mobile data. Save money by using less data.

Compatibility: Android 3.0 or higher Last Updated: August 12, 2018

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Looking forward seeing you :) our 24hrs help line Whatsapp or call 073 68 226 82 or support@in-box.co.za Send all inquiries, post, music,media and complaints to support@in-box.co.za